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The Art And Healing World Of Linda Clave

Come listen and learn about the art and healing world of Linda Clave. Linda you might say is somewhat of a renaissance woman. She received a Bachelor and Master of fine arts from the BU college of fine arts. That was just a springboard for her unique and eclectic creativity to take off into the world of abstract -expressive art, performance art and the various healing modalities she has been trained in .The fusion of the image and it's healing energies which can contribute to a persons full transformative and transcendent experience is a major part of Linda's intention. Come listen to this interview and view her website and learn about her artistic journey and her philosophy of healing.

Video for Somerville Cable Television 
Excerpts from the Polpo-Vu (Mayan Book of the People) 
Linda Clave Art
John Voigt Bass and Narrator
Matt Samolis Flute
Curt Newton Drums




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