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"Getting the scent as magicians do, we've been playing tricks for while." 

Linda Clave, brush

Eric Zinman, keyboard, percussion


Polpo-Vu 2010




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Eric Zinman piano 

Live panting by Linda Clave

At the forefront of creative music for more than 20 years, pianist Eric Zinman's has performed throughout the US and Europe. His Playing has been described by Bob Rusch as a "fleet and appealing touch". His conception is to create the orchestra of tomorrow through unified fields of human sound in varying units both in mass and in relation to each instrument and its individual voice. This is the American conception of the soloist based in Black Music.  Eric Zinman's piano style is marked by his relation to the trap set drums, varying densities of sound masses and melodies spanning the whole keyboard with a surprising variety of touches, dynamics, phrasing and silence.
There is also an arresting balance between the pedaled and unpedaled sounds. He has also recently added the Euphonium to his arsenal of sounds. Mr. Zinman has also composed music for dance and theatre using verbal directives as well as graphic scores.  www.ericzinman.com/upcomingperformances.html





Mario Rechtern

Linda Clave

Eric Zinman


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