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Eric Zinman piano
John Voigt bass
Laurence Cook drums

Live painting by Linda Clave


Eric Zinman piano 
Glynis Lomon cello 
Syd Smart drums

Live panting by Linda Clave

Mario Rechtern 
Multi-reed player, Mario Rechtern
has been active as a musician internationally since the late sixties. He survived many years as a set designer for theatre and opera and his talents were also seen in painting. Originally from Berlin born 1942, he settled in Vienna in the 70's and continued his work as a musician and musical activist bringing musicians together in open forums trying to create unity in Austria. Though his altruistic musical efforts in Vienna have been largely ignored his talents have been recognized internationally both in theatre and music and has performed for many years with Fritz Novotny of the Reform Art Unit which included Sunny Murray, Paul Fields, Sepp Mitterbauer, Leena Conquest, Linda Sharrock, and many others on albums as "Human Closely", and the RAU Subway Performance in the 90's and Music for Free Thinkers, in NYC with Blaise Siwula and Weasel Walter and in Boston with New Language Collaborative. Mario Rechtern is heard as a very sympathetic ensemble player who can merge his sound with any sound in a group as he intuitively grasps the compositional directive. At the same time as a soloist Mr. Rechtern has given everything to his horns and is one of the most authentic, wildly expressive, and powerful forces to emerge on the saxophones in Europe. 

IT MAY BE WORTH NOTING: I will offer my own two cents about Mario Rechtern which may interest those who have not seen him: In addition to a wide variety of animal sounds. Mr. Rechtern has explored placing foreign materials in the saxophone though many of these procedures are delicate.......He makes his own mouthpieces and produces a sound unlike anybody else on the horn and yet he can blend his sound with any other sound even if it means stopping and carving his mouthpiece for a moment.....he will get it the way he wants....and this continues in his work....his sound is always the most honest way.......Mario Rechtern is a Robinson Crusoe on several his own words: "better fresh than clean".

Cellist Glynis Lomon went to Bennington College to continue her classical cello studies in 1973 where she met and began performing with musician/composer Bill Dixon. The music of Dixon's ensemble combined the exploration of the frontier of sound that she loved with rich rhythms, emotional expression, and the art and science of improvisation. Glynis has been privileged to play with Bill Dixon, Arthur Brooks, Jimmy Lyons, Cecil Taylor, Butch Morris, Syd Smart, William Parker, Greta Buck, Dennis Warren, Lowell Davidson, and many others. Recently she has been playing with pianist Eric Zinman in collaborations with Sabir Mateen, Blaise Siwula, Laurence Cook and others.

At the forefront of creative music for more than 20 years, pianist Eric Zinman's has performed throughout the US and Europe. His Playing has been described by Bob Rusch as a "fleet and appealing touch". His conception is to create the orchestra of tomorrow through unified fields of human sound in varying units both in mass and in relation to each instrument and its individual voice. This is the American conception of the soloist based in Black Music.  Eric Zinman's piano style is marked by his relation to the trap set drums, varying densities of sound masses and melodies spanning the whole keyboard with a surprising variety of touches, dynamics, phrasing and silence.
There is also an arresting balance between the pedaled and unpedaled sounds. He has also recently added the Euphonium to his arsenal of sounds. Mr. Zinman has also composed music for dance and theatre using verbal directives as well as graphic scores.

He was the founder of “Friends of Great Black Music”, an organization in support of local artists involved in the musics of the African and American Diaspora. He was also a co-founder of the “Annual John Coltrane Memorial Concert Series” now in its twenty ninth year.  Syd has had extensive experience composing for dance and with Joan Green co- founded the “Children’s Dance Project”, which eventually expanded to become the “Cambridge Performance Project”, a city wide performing arts program.
Performance experience includes: Karamu House, Art of Black Dance and Music, Rod Rodgers Dance Co., Boston Art Ensemble, Sam Rivers, Jimmy Lyons, Bill Dixon, in Spain with; Juan Oliva, Angel de Jesus and in Africa with the Kampala Jazz All-Stars. Syd is most recently known for his work with Stan Strickland & Ascension, Paradigm Shift, Samba Tremeterra and action painter, Nancy Ostrovsky.

John Voigt
John Voigt has played with Billy Bang, Borah Bergman, Peter Brotzmann, Roy Campbell, Denis Charles, Marilyn Crispell, Andrew Cyrille, Stu Dempster, Bill Dixon, Paul Flaherty, Bill Frisell, Malcolm Goldstein, Milford Graves, Joseph Jarman, Keith Jarrett, Oliver Lake, Jeanne Lee, Joe McPhee, Jemeel Moondoc, Thurston Moore, Joe Morris, Lawrence "Butch" Morris, Paul Motian, Bern Nix, and Zenna Parkins. He has recorded for Aum Fidelity, Eremite, Box Holder, and RRRecords (a video with T. Moore), Clean Feed, Ayler Records, and Cadence. Played at Bell Atlantic, Sound Unity, Fire In The Valley, and Vision Festivals. Many gigs at the Knitting Factory. He's published articles on Henry Grimes, Charles Mingus, Don Cherry, Morton Feldman. Voigt has lectured at the Institute of Jazz Studies; and taught at Berklee College, Boston Arts Academy and Massachusetts College of Art.

Joe Livolsi, Drums

Laurence Cook
Laurence Cook studied painting at the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston and later learned to play piano, vibraphone, and drums. He has been a major figure in the jazz avant-garde since the 1960's on twenty-two recordings, including Revenge, and Dual Unity with Paul Bley; Skillfullnes with Alan Silva,Ritti with Joe Morris; "Fuzzagainst Junk" from Vision 1997 Festival with Thurston Moore; Triplet and Fire in the Valley with Jemeel Moondoc; Divine Mad Love with Sabir Mateen; November 1981, Thoughts, and Son of Sisyphus with Bill Dixon. He has worked with Sam Rivers, Alan Silva, The Brecker Brothers, Robin Kenyatta, Mark Whitecage, and Barre Phillips among many others. 





Mario Rechtern

Linda Clave

Eric Zinman

Glynis Lomon

Syd Smart

  John Voigt

Laurence Cook

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