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Linda's artwork began as a child. She was convinced that she could draw and color a world of her making and it would be real not imaginary. Something inside told her that she could travel to ancient sites in Mexico and the Amazon or Native American places in New Mexico. Magic seemed even more real to her when at ten her father moved the family to live in Argentina for several years.

After finishing Boston University School of Arts with a BA and MFA Linda began her professional, artistic development intertwined with spiritual studies. Mythic and mystic themes inspired by primitive art, and the art of Indian miniatures contrasted with vitality of abstract expressions of de Kooning, Pollack and Kline. . Linda traveled to her dreamed places: Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama and Honduras. Eventually moving to Ipswich, where she developed a unique series of paintings, integrating the rigors of the minimalist reduction with the elements of nature. These canvasses actually had Crane's Beach sand infused with color applied in layers working to choreograph nature's movement. While in Ipswich, she was an active member of Early Sites Research Society helping in archeological excavations, including a red paint burial mound of archaic origins.

In 1987, Linda returned to Boston. At this time, she had just finished several artist books using Xerox and collage. Her next step into printmaking and works on paper blended the imagery from the books with new techniques. These new techniques continued the layerings now an integral part of her development of both style and theme. Dreams and shamanism are now deeply connected to all her works. In addition, new themes of social and political concerns for the earth came with her participation in the artist group "Artist for Survival". Inspired by Joseph Beuys work as artist as showman and shaman other new forms, performance art and installation opened the dimension of direct participation and collaboration. With the 1998 exhibition,"Somaglitoglin: Art and mind Physics", a new group formed called Energy Theater providing an opportunity for multi disciplined artists to engage in energetic pure expression. Linda organized this group to perform her work the "Third Initiation".

Linda continues to paint and now is working to paint live to live music.  And she is an active a participant in Energy Theater,
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