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  (3 TO 4:30 PM) 
Theosophical Society
21 Maple St.
Arlington, MA

with Linda Clave
and Kate Rafferty

Experience Tong Ren--a healing method developed by Tom Tam  Tong Ren is based on science used in conjunction with Chinese medicine while applying the energy dynamics of the Collective Unconscious.  It opens the flow of Chi that has become stagnant from blockage. It reestablishes harmonious energy through the circulatory & nervous systems.  Chi is focused and distributed for optimal use.  Bring your chart if you have it.  Donation: $10. 

Linda Clave is past Chapter President of American Society of Dowsers, dowsing instructor and has a mind/body/spirit practice.   (See for more information.) 
Kate Rafferty is the past president of the Theosophical Society of Boston
and is a certified TK Instructor with a private practice at the Theosophical.

for People Working with People 

This class meets every other week. Learn how to tune in and harmonize with others by knowing how to work with the six polarities (zodical signs in opposition) and four elements in their three planes.  Feel confident with simple information gathering whether you are a nurse, health professional, mom, teen, or in sales. Negotiating with this understanding of the other person's stance will be a blessing. To read Linda's August astrology report, click on the following link:

Linda Clave is past Chapter President of American Society of Dowsers, a dowsing instructor, and has a mind/body/spirit practice. Linda combines energy work including Reiki, Radiesthesia (a European form of dowsing often associated with healing), and use of the five element attunements (fire, earth, air, water, and ether), and her intuitive ability to read body patterns to determine levels of stress and the need to release that stress in your body.

Special!  Art Performance

444 Western Ave, Brighton Ma 02135
PHONE    617 470-9200 


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